Keke Palmer Speaks Out About Unhealthy Relationships on Her Podcast, Says 'I Choose Happiness' Now |

Keke Palmer Speaks Out About Unhealthy Relationships on Her Podcast, Says ‘I Choose Happiness’ Now

Palmer opened up to Dr. Drew Pinsky on the latest episode of her podcast, ‘Baby, This Is Keke Palmer.’

via: People

“I actually remember, Dr. Drew, the moment that it happened,” Palmer said of how early fame affected her. “No one could relate to me — not my siblings, not even my parents. Anytime a dynamic is shifted like that it can get highly toxic, because no one knows how to deal with the trauma of being a celebrity, or having a celebrity child.”

“My parents did great, and I said this in my book: I can judge all day and night, but I’m pretty good,” she added. “I could have been worse off. But the reality is, I remember at that time, as a child, when I did not have the awareness and the understanding and words and the knowledge that I have now, I just said ‘I’m never coming out again.’ ”

“And at that point, it was just like, I choose happiness and I choose joy, and I don’t choose to go back there,” she added of how she approached the more uncomfortable aspects of fame. “And like you said, as time goes on, I’m like, I’m good, whatever that was, I’m good.”

Palmer also alluded to a situation she experienced later in life where she felt someone could not relate to her experience.

“But then I reach that reenactment, and the reenactment is, here it is again, someone doesn’t see me,” she said. “I put myself in an intimate scenario with someone where they don’t see me…. They didn’t see me.”

The release of Palmer’s new podcast episode — which was recorded last week and is titled “How to Deal with Abusive Relationships, Boundaries and Narcissism” — comes about three weeks after she was granted temporary sole custody of her 8-month-old son, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson.

Palmer was granted temporary custody after she filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles and detailed multiple allegations of physical abuse in the filing, per documents obtained by PEOPLE.

A hearing is set for Dec. 5 to determine further action on the arrangement; in the meantime, the temporary restraining order says Jackson must stay at least 100 yards away from both Palmer and their son, as well as any childcare or schooling established for the infant.

You can listen to the full episode below.

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