Sofia Vergara Sued by Contractor For $1.7 Million Over Renovations to Her Beverly Hills Mansion |

Sofia Vergara Sued by Contractor For $1.7 Million Over Renovations to Her Beverly Hills Mansion

Sofia Vergara skipped out on paying a contractor more than $1.7 million for a huge renovation of her luxurious home in Beverly Hills … or so the contractor claims in a new lawsuit.

via: Radar Online

Reside Custom Homes has taken legal action against the Modern Family actress after she hired the group in April 2022 to do construction on her $26 million abode.

According to the lawsuit, Vergara was in agreement about covering the work plus the contractor’s fee, but she allegedly never settled the $1.7 million bill for a number of services which included an install of a clay plaster in three powder rooms, an office, the dining room walls, the cabana bathroom and the guest house living room.

She also wanted the team to remove and replace a flight of stairs, per the docs.

The work was mostly completed by December 2022, but RCH claimed that Vergara allegedly asked for significant extra work, which extended the end date to March 2023, when she moved back into the home, TMZ reported.

RCH says it fronted the money for the additional work with the understanding that Vergara would later pay the sum, which they claim never happened despite her promises. has reached out to a rep for Vergara for comment.

Vergara, who recently split with husband Joe Manganiello after more than seven years of marriage, recently stepped out in style in Los Angeles on Saturday, wearing an all-denim ensemble as she hit the town with friends. exclusively learned that she has been making moves in court to finalize their divorce and speed up the process.

Looking ahead, the star has an exciting project on the horizon, having been featured in the new poster for Netflix’s Griselda, where she plays Colombian drug cartel leader Griselda Blanco AKA the Godmother. The six-episode series is set to premiere on January 25, 2024.

Film producer and writer Eric Newman revealed the show will be action-packed, noting that Vergara gave the gritty role her own flair.

“It had a lot of the elements and felt like Narcos to us but we also wanted it to be Sofia’s party,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s so good in it and it’s something that she’s been carrying around. To go back to your question about what appeals to me, or what the throughline is, it’s that kind of passion.”

“There’s always someone in the equation — and I’ve been the person and I’ve also facilitated for the person — and here it was Sofia who was like, ‘I want to do this. I don’t know that I can do this but I want to try.’ And I knew she could.”

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