Say What Now? Normani Mocked by Fans After Dodging Question About Running Her Own Fan Account |

Say What Now? Normani Mocked by Fans After Dodging Question About Running Her Own Fan Account

Normani’s solo studio album, Dopamine, is set to release in June, and as a result, she’s been a hot topic on social media platforms, with fans eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Normani sent the rumor mill into overdrive after being asked about her involvement with popular fan accounts and her publicist chimed in to dodge the question.

The former Fifth Harmony singer avoided answering whether or not she runs any of the accounts herself during a new interview weeks after the account @NormaniNation tweeted a screenshot of her Instagram, where Normani had just deleted all of her posts.

People quickly noticed the user was signed into Normani’s main account with 7 million followers, fueling speculation that she or her team might be running the fan page back in February.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING,” the caption read.

When prodded about her relationship to her fan accounts, Normani told The Cut, “No, I mean, I’m heavily involved.”

The Waves hitmaker seemingly attempted to segue the conversation as the interviewer questioned if she or any of her team members at RCA run the fan accounts.

“Yeah, I think we can skip this question,” her publicist responded, according to the report.

After the interview went live on Wednesday, fans took to social media to sound off about that portion in particular.

“This is so embarrassing. oh my god,” one fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “I don’t think I can ever take her seriously again after this,” another replied while a third commented, “Oh she got caught red handed.”

“Making my own fan account now cuz Normani normalized it,” a fourth quipped while others rushed to her defense.

“She literally said ‘no’ just cause she said that she’s heavily involved don’t mean she runs it,” a fifth person fired back. “Just means that she OKs what gets posted on the fan account and her own account which they also run. Normani doesn’t even have social media on her phone.”

“i just don’t see why this is so serious like why don’t her team just say ‘yeah we run the account for Normani to help her fans keep up to date with her’ like what is this strategy??” another agreed.

Normani has been a trending topic on social media as fans patiently await her solo studio album, Dopamine, which is set to drop in June.

Fifth Harmony went their own ways in 2018 and Normani dropped her first solo single, Motivation in Aug. 2019, continuing to make a name for herself with more chart-topping hits.

via: RadarOnline

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