Kanye West Says He's 'Praying' for Issa Rae After She Says 'F Him' on 'SNL'

Kanye West is still unhappy with ‘Saturday Night Live’ and now Issa Rae is caught up in the drama.

via Complex:

On Sunday, West took to Twitter where he criticized SNL for using host, Issa Rae, and cast members, Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim, to try to “hold other black people back.”

“Ive always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back,” Kanye said in a tweet featuring a Google search of Issa Rae. “My heart goes out to Issa Rae I’m praying for her and her family I know that the twenty years of service that I’ve paid in the entertainment field has furthered our ability to be more successful.”

In a sketch from this week’s episode, Rae, Thompson, and Nwodim hosted an imaginary talk show called Your Voice Chicago where they fielded through the presidential nominees. When West’s name was brought up, Rae abruptly responded “Kanye? F him!” 

This comes after Kanye promoted fake poll results from Kentucky claiming that he was leading the race in the state. 

Issa Rae has yet to respond to Kanye’s ‘prayers’ — and we doubt she will.

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