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Kanye West Explains Why He’s Dissing Drake Again Despite Their Recent Reconciliation

Kanye West weighed in on the simmering feud between Drake, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

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We’ll probably never know if Kanye West was asked to insert himself in the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef or if it was of his own volition. Either way, he seems to think there’s truth to both narratives, as he explained during a recent interview on Justin LaBoy’s podcast, The Download. For those unaware, the Chicago artist premiered his remix of “Like That” on this show following some leaks and previews from Adam22 that initially spread like wildfire on social media. When he played (and later released) the CDQ version, though, along with Metro Boomin’s blessing, folks really knew that he was getting into it.

However, a lot of folks brought up that Ye and Drizzy had already “made up” with their Larry Hoover benefit concert in 2021, something that LaBoy asked his guest about. “Y’all did the Hoover concert together,” he told Kanye West. “Me and the rest of the world thought y’all were back cool. What happened after that?” “It cuts Drake’s soul,” he responded. “It’s like he signed his soul to the devil to not be cool with me. This is his job, to go against God, and that cuts his soul.”

Elsewhere during this interview, the controversial designer also offered his own perspective on what made him want to do the “Like That” remix, and while it’s an unconfirmed account, it’s probably as much as we’ll get about it. He said that Future was the one who hit him up to do the verse, and that folks in the rap game are “energized” by these shots at the OVO mogul. “Everybody is very, very excited about the elimination of Drake,” Kanye West expressed on The Download. In addition, he also claimed that Sir Lucian Grainge, the head of UMG, is The Boy’s father due to the massive deal that they inked.

“Drake has a rich baby daddy, named Lucian [Grainge] and Universal,” the VULTURES creative stated. “He’s like, ‘My daddy got it. My daddy control the spins. My daddy got the DSPs. Drake has a rich baby daddy named Lucian.” He also said that Grainge is a puppet of “people who control the banks in Africa.”

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