Exclusive: K. Michelle Reveals If Her Feud with Tamar Braxton Is REALLY Over, What She's Learned Since Leaving 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' & Answers Questions from Fans [Video]

In these clips from B. Scott’s sit-down with K. Michelle, K. talks whether or not that ‘beef’ with Tamar Braxton is REALLY over and shares what she’s learned since leaving Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Plus, K. Michelle and B. Scott answer questions from fans!

Here are some highlights:

On if she and Tamar have really gotten past their ‘beef’:
“You know, It’s unimportant. let’s just say this. I don’t think I’ll ever get over women telling me that I was not abused. I want to get over that. I don’t forget or forgive.

I supported the first album, I bought this one. She is R&B and I am R&B. That is the main goal — to make sure that Black women take back our [music] and that we are allowed to sing R&B. There is no beef.”

On how she felt seeing Tamar’s ‘muppet’ meltdown on ‘The Real’:
“I didn’t feel anything. I’m just being honest. I didn’t feel anything in that moment because I know why. I know I didn’t just come out — I’m always in my little corner until you make me come out swinging. Yeah, I didn’t have any sympathy. I wish I did, but you’re a product of your reality and what is happening in your environment. No one had any sympathy for me when I was telling my story about being drug across the floor. No one cared. Toughen up. I learned in this world that no one cares. People care for entertainment, no one really cares.

When it comes to the beef that I have, it’s not even really beef. If they be successful, let them continue to be successful. It’s not a hate bone.”

On how Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta both helped and hurt her career.
“It paid off a lot for me, but at the end of the day a lot of things got overshadowed. Like, the fact that I am a college graduate, like the fact I did get in law school.All they saw was me fighting. All they see are these little clips of you and they take that as your whole being, and your whole character, and that’s who you are. Love and Hip Hop made people pay attention to my music, but it also made the politics of the music industry more difficult. [It allowed] those people giving out those awards, those people giving those records to pre-judge me and keep me in a reality box.

2014, Billboard said I was the number one selling R&B artist — the wrote it up, reported it — but they didn’t invite me to the billboard awards. They named my album cover #6 the best album cover of the year — and I was not invited to the Billboard awards.

I think one, it’s because of my race and being a black woman in the business. And, I think two it’s because of reality.”

Watch the fan Q & A below:

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