Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott Are Officially Doctors, Courtesy of Berklee College of Music [Photos]

Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake can now consider themselves doctors.

The legendary artists received honorary doctorates during the Berklee College of Music’s commencement on Friday for their “influences in music, and for their enduring global impact,” E! News reports.

via Complex:

After the ceremony, both Elliott and Timberlake took to Instagram where they shared their enthusiasm, and their degrees, with their fans. “CREATE YOUR OWN LANE,” Elliott wrote alongside a video of her in a cap and gown, holding her brand new framed diploma. “Sincerely Dr. Missy Elliot.”

Timberlake also blessed his followers with some wisdom. “No Dream is too big!!! Keep chasing!!! Trust me… I’m a DOCTOR.” Both artists were on hand at the ceremony, where they spoke to the graduating class.

“There will be ups and downs—prepare for that,” Elliott said. “As long as you are breathing, it is never too late. Don’t forget that. You have come too far to quit.” Timberlake also offered the class a bit of a roadmap for their future. “You’re defined by what you define failure as. It’s not a thing if it leads you to your success. It’s all part of the journey,” he said. “I hope that in the years to come, two things will happen: One, I will represent you in the way that you most hope for. And two, I look around and see this graduating class. Meet me at the studio. I want to see y’all!”

Congrats to them!

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