Jenifer Lewis & Debbie Allen Team Up For New Film 'Ventura Boulevard'

jenifer lewis debbie allen

The legendary Jenifer Lewis and the equally-as-legendary Debbie Allen have teamed up for a new film, Ventura Boulevard.

Ventura Boulevard is a darkly comedic homage to the 1950 Billy Wilder classic Sunset Boulevard, starring Lewis as a self-deluded queen of 1970’s blaxpoitation movies who uses her guile, money and sex to manipulate a young white scriptwriter into creating her comeback part. Debbie Allen heads the film in the director’s chair.

It’s been over 20 years since these two heavyweights have worked together, so we’re thrilled to see two African-American female Hollywood veterans come together for what sounds like a brilliant film.

Ventura Boulevard was written by Mark Alton Brown and Dee LaDuke (“Jackie’s Back!,” “Girlfriends” and “Designing Women”).  Lewis’ production partners are Nathan Hale Williams (iN-Hale Entertainment) and Carol Ann Shine.

The producers plan to shoot this summer and release the movie in 2015.

[via indiewire]

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