Janelle Monáe Responds To Joke About Her Former “Monopoly Man” Style [Photos]

Janelle Monáe may have gotten their foot in the door as a musician, but these days, newer fans tend to forget that little fact due to their blossoming acting career. So despite Monáe’s schedule filling up with more on-screen opportunities partly due to the success of Glass Onion, they’ve promised to give day-one fans new music to hold them over.

via: Vibe

Award-winning entertainer and actress Janelle Monáe has always had a unique sense of style, as she came on the music scene wearing mostly black and white suits. More recently, The Glass Onion star has been switching up her looks, showing more skin and adding additional colors to her wardrobe.

However, social media can never let celebrities forget about their past.
On Sunday (Feb. 5), Twitter user @gldnraes wrote: “Janelle Monáe finally showing off how fine she is instead of dressing like the Monopoly Man.” The tweet went viral with over 63,000 likes and 5,000 retweets.

Catching wind of the joke, Monáe quoted the tweet with, “Ohh y’all ni**as liked this 26.8k times?? No new music just for this.”

Initially unsure if the “Tightrope” singer was serious or not, she followed up with: “35.7k likes?? No new tour. Hope it was worth it beloved.”

Monáe, 37, then began mocking critiques as she tweeted out: “’I miss you in the [black] and white suits!’ ‘Take them suits off we tired of that look!’ ‘You look like the monopoly man.’ ‘Why you showing so much skin? Cover back up!’ ‘Your ti**ies are pretty.’ ‘Why are you showing YOUR ti**ies? You want attention!’ GET THE F**K OFF MY AREOLA.”

The Wondaland Arts Society boss is referring to her most recent promo clip she unleashed for her single, “Float.” In the video, there are images of Monáe splashing around on inflatable pool toys, doing cartwheels on the grass, turning up with her friends, and even going topless in the pool. The majority of the video appears to be from her birthday celebration, which took place back in December.

Assuring social media that she wasn’t seriously affected by the Twitter user’s trolling, the Kansas City-born star wrote to @gldnraes: “Monopoly man?? You’re pretty and funny [laughing emojis].”

It looks like everything worked out, and Monáe will return to music soon.

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