Jada Pinkett Smith's Brother Separated from Wife for Years, Getting Divorced | lovebscott.com

Marital problems is hitting the extended Pinkett-Smith family.

TMZ is reporting that Jada’s brother Caleb Pinkett’s wife, Patricia Pinkett, beelined it to court Monday and filed to divorce Jada’s brother after more than 17 years of marriage

In the docs, Patricia notes she and Caleb have been separated since Feb. 28, 2020 … and she’s going with the boilerplate irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Jada’s brother, an actor and producer, tied the knot with her sister-in-law back in September 2006 … and they have one minor child together, an 11-year-old daughter. Patricia is seeking joint legal and physical custody of Jada’s niece.

Patricia also wants Caleb to cough up money for spousal support … and she wants to terminate the court’s ability to award him any spousal support.

While Jada and Will have been separated for years too, Jada says they will NOT get divorced.

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