Instagram Model Mary Magdalene Reveals She Lost 20 Pounds After Implant Popped, Breast Reduction [Photos]

The Instagram model who’s been down one breast thanks to one of her massive implants bursting is now sporting a new look that takes a major load off her back.

via: Complex

Back in February, the 30-year-old model, who goes by Mary Magdalene online, went viral after suffering a busted implant.

“Hey guys, so this is my boob now … Basically, my breast implant popped, again,” she explained in the below video. “And I am having surgery to take them out next week. I am going to go back natural—not just my boobs, but other parts of my body,” she said, before turning to the side. “Or should I just keep it like this?”

A month later, Magdalene told TMZ she’s since lost 20 pounds after her breast reduction surgery, which has seen her go from 5,000cc implants to a mere 700cc.

“In addition to a breast reduction, Mary says plastic surgeons also performed a lift, implant exchange and liposuction,” the outlet noted.

In the wake of her successful weight loss, Mary did in fact suffer some issues during her post-surgery recovery, as she dealt with a fever and an infection. In addition, Mary, who claims to have undergone nearly 50 plastic surgeries over the course of her life, recently underwent a vagina reduction. Regarding the surgery, Mary says she can no longer claim to have the “world’s largest vagina.”

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