Kim Zolciak Defends Kroy Biermann ‘R.I.P.’ Post After Daughter Reacts, Compares Divorce to ‘Death’ |

Kim Zolciak Defends Kroy Biermann ‘R.I.P.’ Post After Daughter Reacts, Compares Divorce to ‘Death’

Kim Zolciak’s over all the lies and accusations following her clickbait “RIP” post.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum wrote via Warped Speed Thursday that she did not “claim” or “allude to” her estranged husband Kroy Biermann’s death by posting a black-and-white photo of them captioned, “R.I.P.”

Although the since-deleted social media upload gave her daughter Ariana, 22, a “damn near … heart attack” on Tuesday, Zolciak told her followers she has “more tact and class and compassion than that.”

The Bravolebrity, 45, defended herself by posting another black-and-white snap with Biermann, 38.

“I am TIRED OF ALL THE LIES and ACCUSATIONS,” she wrote. “EVERY DAY it’s always something new. I’m tired of so much BS being thrown my way. So you want to know ‘what died?’ Here’s the truth.”

The lengthy post Zolciak linked to explained, “I used a picture of BOTH of us and said #RIP — and, frankly, the end of my relationship was like a death of sorts so #RIP to that.

“The story was a tribute to many we’ve lost this past year,” she continued. “And yes my relationship was lost too so it seemed fitting.”

She told haters offended by the upload to “get serious” and not “jump to conclusions.”

The former reality star asked, “Do you actually think if Kroy died — even with all of the issues we’ve had — my first instinct would be to go to my Instagram and post #LinkInBio with his pic and #RIP attached?

“To reiterate — Kroy is alive and well and did NOT DIE nor did I ever say he has died,” she concluded. “And that’s that.”

Zolciak did not directly address Ariana’s TikTok reaction.

On Tuesday, the influencer asked her followers what “the f–k” they would do in her “situation,” saying, “I physically don’t have any f–king words.”

She appeared near tears in the video while telling her mom, “I love you, but I just, like. … My heart, like, tugging. Like, no.”

The clickbait post was not Zolciak’s first, as she previously implied daughter Brielle, 27, was pregnant in November 2023.

via: Page Six

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