Attorneys Demand FBI Step Up Arrest Efforts in Shanquella Robinson's Death Case

The family of Shanquella Robinson is questioning the FBI’s efforts to secure justice for the 25-year-old who died while on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with six friends in October.

via: The Insider

Speaking to Yahoo News, attorney Sue-Ann Robinson — no relation to the family —told the outlet that the FBI “in the current case demonstrates that the U.S. authorities and the federal police agencies are not doing all that they could do in Shanquella’s case.”

Robinson and prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is also representing the family, said the federal agency swiftly used its resources including offering a $50,000 reward to solve the case.

“There seems to be no activity on behalf of Shanquella,” Crump told Yahoo News.

Robinson and Crump have called for diplomatic intervention from President Joe Biden and the US Department of State, as Insider previously reported. No arrests have been made so far in connection to the incident.

“The FBI can issue the same reward they just did if they’re seeking information,” Robinson said. “They can say, ‘Hey, we’re offering a $50,000 reward for anybody who has information on this case.'”

Shanquella Robinson of North Carolina was discovered dead in October 2022 in San José del Cabo, Mexico after attending a vacation with friends. The group told her mother that she “had alcohol poisoning” but it was later revealed via autopsy report that the business owner had a broken neck and that her spine was cracked. A blogger who runs The North Carolina Beat released a video of the 25-year-old being brutally beaten by another woman, which ignited calls for justice on social media.

Prosecutors previously said that they issued an arrest warrant for one of the six friends who were on the trip, and acknowledged the incident as a “direct attack.” In addition, Mexican authorities have requested the US citizen in question, who they did not publicly name, to be extradited — a move experts told Insider is rare.

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