Hate It or Love It? Rihanna Flaunts Her Figure in Unbuttoned Balmain Blouse [Photos]

Rihanna Balmain Blouse Skirt Lovebscott 5

Last night, Rihanna was spotted heading to Da Silvano, one of her favorite eateries in NYC. She stopped for a few moments to take pictures with fans and even confirmed the next single from her latest album, Unapologetic.

Fans will be happy to know that “Pour It Up” is the third song receiving the video treatment from Unapologetic. Interestingly enough, the song has already sold over 1 million units in the US, so I’m sure the song receiving the official video treatment will only aid in its success.

Check out some more photos of Rihanna below, plus the video where she confirms the next video (around the 1:40 mark).

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