Gunna Denies Taking Shots at Lil Baby on New Track ‘Bread & Butter’

Gunna is denying flaming his “Drip Too Hard” brother-in-rhyme Lil Baby on his new track.

via: HipHopDX

Gunna has heard the rumors about “Bread & Butter” being a diss track aimed at Lil Durk and Lil Baby, and he’s not here for the shenanigans.

Hollywood Unlocked took a screenshot of DJ Akademiks’ comment and posted it to its Instagram page on Friday (June 2). Like many people, Akademiks was under the impression that the new track — Gunna’s first since being released from prison — was a diss track.

“I just wanna know why Gunna talking bout Lil Baby like dis…Hollllyyyyyyyyyyy,” he wrote.

Gunna, however, was quick to check him. “That’s Capp,” he replied. “I’m just lettin’ the world hear my story.”

Gunna did not, however, address the speculation about whether “Bread & Butter” took aim at Lil Durk.

Released on Friday (June 2), the new track hears the Atlanta rapper address all the commotion over the last six months surrounding his controversial plea deal in the ongoing RICO case against Young Thug’s Young Slime Life (YSL) collective, who prosecutors allege is a criminal street gang.

Over a sparse, speaker-knocking beat from Turbo, Omar Grand and Cam Griffin, Gunna hits back at those who’ve labeled him a “snitch” for pleading his way out of the high-profile case, and suggests he was tricked by lawyers and the Fulton County District Attorney into taking a plea deal.

“Fuck I pay the lawyers all those mills for?/ Just so I won’t have to say a word to dodge a railroad,” he raps, before maintaining he didn’t cooperate. “Never gave no statement or agreed to take no stand on ’em/ On whatever you n-ggas on, then trust me, I’ma stand on it/ Lawyers and the D.A. did some sneaky shit, I fell for it/ On my Ps and Qs because this time, I be prepared for it.”

The DS4Ever hitmaker also warns his haters that he can have them “hit” and seemingly pledges his allegiance to Young Thug, rapping: “Never fucked a n-gga, always stayed solid/ Kept it real with n-ggas, never lied and always stay honest/ Love my bro so much, I never change on ’em/ Hunna Wunna goin’ do the work, bring you the damn profits.”

And though the follow-up lyrics seemed to take aim at Lil Baby — “Peepin’ shit, I’m seein’ n-ggas fall back/ You bitch-ass n-ggas got me as the topic of the chat/ You switched on me when you know you in business with a rat/ And the boy that’s like your brother, and nobody speak on that” — Gunna has confirmed that this is not the case.

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