‘Fearing for Their Lives': Jhené Aiko & Big Sean Denied in Plea for Protection From Alleged Stalker Who Fought Their Security Guard

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean are seeking court-ordered protection from a creepy fan they say keeps showing up to their concerts, events and home.

via: Radar Online

Aiko was shut down in court after pleading for a restraining order against a man who was arrested for breaking into the home she shares with her boyfriend Big Sean and their newborn, RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, this week, Jhene Aiko filed [real name: Jhene Chilombo] for a temporary restraining order against a 29-year-old man named Ian Craig Lees.

The petition asked the court to order Lees to stay 100 yards away from the singer, her 14-year-old daughter Namiko, newborn son Noah, and her boyfriend Big Sean [real name Sean Michael Anderson]. In addition, she wanted him to not be allowed to communicate with her in any form.

She claimed Lees was a “stalker” who she did “not know” personally.

In the petition, the narrative read, “The clients are fearing for their lives, the suspect has come to concerts, events, and their personal home trying to make contact with them which led to a physical altercation with residential security and the suspect eventually breaching the security post.”

“He was eventually caught on the client’s property after breaching the physical home,” the filing read. Per the court documents, the alleged stalker was charged with 1 count of stocking and 1 count of burglary.

According to jail records, obtained by RadarOnline.com, Lees was arrested on August 18 and has yet to be released. His bond was set at $150k. His next hearing date is scheduled for September 6.

Aiko included screenshots of social media posts the man allegedly made that show him calling her a “cold a—b—-.” The post had a photo of the singer with the caption, “Ungrateful C—-. Ignorant force of Evil” He added, “You privileged talentless ugly rotten w—– sl—. All the worst characteristics of life or a relationship and of me are from this snake.”

A hearing was held on Jhené’s petition for a temporary restraining order and despite the evidence the judge denied the request. A hearing was set for September 14 where the singer can argue for a permanent order.

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