Say What Now? Baby Crowd-Surfs at Flo Rida Concert in Shocking Viral Concert Footage [Video]

A baby was sent crowd-surfing at a recent Flo Rida concert (Yes, Flo Rida still has concerts) — and the footage has gone viral.

via JJ:

The 43-year-old “Low” superstar was entertaining the crowd at the CelebrateErie festival in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

During the performance, he was seen gesturing towards the crowd and motioning for a parent to send their baby over to the stage.

In the footage online, the baby is seen gently crowd-surfing to the front of the stage, where fans moved the baby over to Flo Rida, who held the baby and performed “Low” while dancing and putting the mic to the baby’s face.

Later on, the baby eventually made his way onto the main stage, where Flo Rida’s crew held him up like the Lion King as Flo Rida performed “GDFR.”

If we were Flo Rida, we’d take what’s left of our $80 million and enjoy the rest of our days — quietly.

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