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Exclusive: SWV and Xscape on Joining Forces, Longevity and the Family Feud

As the great Jay-Z once said, “no one wins when the family feuds.” Get your popcorn ready. SWV and Xscape: The Queens of R&B premieres this Sunday (March 5) on Bravo.

The six-episode series follows the ’90s R&B girl groups as they prepare for a joint concert and navigate personal drama that could derail their stage plans.

The biggest question on many peoples’ mind is ‘Why would they want to come together, make a show and go on a tour?’ And for both groups, they had very different outlooks. For Leanne “Lelee” Lyons of SWV, the decision was an easy one. “Everyone loves a little friendly female competition, you know for some reason whenever women get together they always try and put us against each other. It was a challenge for us to do it but we had a lot of fun.”

Unfortunately for Xscape it wasn’t as fun due to the internal conflict between the ladies. We all know the tales of the on-again-off-again rift between Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott.

Most recently, there was public incident where LaTocha wore an outfit that was completely out of sync with her bandmates on the Soul Train Awards red carpet last year.

The feuding this time centers between the Scott sisters, LaTocha and Tamika.

At the premiere of the group’s new Bravo show, SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B, tension was definitely in the air between the sisters.

While speaking to another outlet on the red carpet, Tamika got so upset by LaTocha’s responses over an incident involving their mother in the series premiere that she left the ladies mid-interview to privately take a breather.

Upon her return, Tamika was asked if things had gotten better between the sisters since filming, she responded “no they have gotten worst.”

Despite the personal conflicts thoughout the years, no one can deny the impact the two groups have on the culture and the music landscape.

“I think we’re receiving our flowers now, I mean back then we used to feel like we didn’t get the recognition that we deserved, like in the 90s. But now it seems like so good between the different award shows and the honoring that we got at the Soul Train Awards. That was amazing.” Kandi when asked if the group felt like they have received their flowers.

In the trailer that was released last month, viewers got a sneak peek at moments where women tried to figure out which group will be the headlining act, as they hit their rehearsal spaces and figured out wardrobe.

For the ladies of SWV the key to longevity is all about having great music and the support of their fans. “We have the most amazing fans, they continue to come out to our sold out shows, they continue to listen to our music.” Cheryl “Coco” Gamble told lovebscott.com exclusively at the Hollywood premiere on Thursday.

One of the ladies of Xscape also agreed — particularly Tamika Scott — who answered, “Good music man, when you start talking to people who are saying we were the soundtracks to their lives that’s just a testament that we made great music, you know, we just kept going we didn’t stop.”

“Well we did stop for 15 years or so.” Tameka “Tiny” Harris added. “Then we came back.”

For Kandi the answer was slightly different. “I always say we continuously reinvent ourselves. I think that’s important when you talk about longevity, people may see you way but when you continuously keep showing them something different, showing them different ways, and different talents. Over the years people have seen us accomplish a lot in different areas of the business. So I think that kept people interested.”

You’ll definitely be interested in watching the explosive premiere of ‘SWV and Xscape: The Queens of R&B’ premiering this Sunday (March 5) on Bravo.

Make sure you watch because the cliffhanger will definitely leave you wanting more.

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