Exclusive: 'P-Valley' to Be Renewed for Third AND Fourth Season, Despite Creator's Alleged Unhappiness with Starz

Starz hit series ‘P-Valey’ has yet to be officially renewed following the show’s second season, however sources connected to Starz exclusively tell lovebscott.com that the show will be renewed for a third AND fourth season.

It’s unclear which cast members will return. Elarica Johnson has already confirmed she won’t be returning as Autumn Night.

As for what’s delaying the renewal, our sources say there were some behind-the-scenes issues that made show creator and executive producer Katori Hall reluctant to sign on for more.

Allegedly, Starz didn’t treat the show as well as some of their other big titles, namely 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ spin-offs — despite P-Valley’s record-breaking ratings and critical acclaim.

Katori and Starz have seemingly worked it all out and the show will be back for two more seasons.

We expect an official announcement in the coming days.

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