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‘Euphoria’ Star Angus Cloud Reveals He Broke His Skull After Falling into a Construction Pit in 2013

Angus Cloud is explaining how he ended up with the scar on his scalp.

via People:

In an interview with Variety published Wednesday, the 24-year-old actor — who plays drug dealer Fezco on the HBO series Euphoria — revealed that he had a bad fall that left him with a broken skull as a teenager in 2013.

“It’s real,” he told the publication, referring to the large scar on his head. “I broke my skull on Friday the 13th.”

Cloud explained that he was walking home alone at night in Oakland, California, when he fell into a construction pit in the dark.

“I woke up 12 hours later at the bottom,” he said, adding that he had internal bleeding in his skull and broken fingers

“I was trapped. But they wasn’t gonna find me down there,” Cloud said. “I found myself. Or God found me, whatever you want to call it.”

Realizing he would have to haul himself up out of the pit, he went into “survival mode” and climbed out before taking a bus back to his mother’s house.

“She thought I was on drugs, ’cause my pupils was hella dilated,” the actor continued, adding that his mom kept him awake and had him drink some water.

“I started throwing up hella mouthfuls of crimson red blood,” Cloud said. “So then my mama took me to the children’s hospital, and they saved my life. That’s what the scar’s from. They cut my head open, they put some screws and a plate over where I broke my skull and — s—, sealed me back up, and that was that.”

In Euphoria, Cloud’s character Fezco is accidentally hit in the head with a crowbar by his grandmother while he tries to stop a fight. The injury is used to explain why Fez dropped out of high school, and may account for the character’s slow, sometimes mushy speech.

Cloud said he experiences that himself, sometimes. “I mix the front of one word with the back of the next,” he said. “I’ll scribble-scrabble two words together. Mix-match.”

“The brain is so fragile,” he said. His recovery required a hospital stay for just about a week. “It was damn near like nothing really happened. I’m so blessed to just have minor brain damage. You know, it’s so minor it ain’t even really worth speaking about.”

“I did some physical therapy,” he says about the period after his fall. “And actually, some speech therapy, but that’s about it. Only for a couple weeks, ’cause I was like, ‘Ehh.’ “

However, Cloud wants everyone to know that he is not just playing himself, despite any similarities between himself and Fez.

“It’s not that simple,” he said. “I brought a lot to the character. You can believe what you want. It ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Cloud, who is acting in other projects after his debut in Euphoria, is also getting into the fashion game as the new face of Polo by Ralph Lauren Fragrances. He fronts the latest digital campaign celebrating iconic scents Polo Green, Polo Red and Polo Blue.

Cloud has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Polo Ralph Lauren, collecting more than 200 shirts with the iconic pony logo over the years. In another parallel between Cloud’s real life and his character, Fezco can also be seen donning Polo shirts on screen.

“Every time I was in the thrift store, anything with a Polo pony on it, I would grab that,” Cloud said. “At a certain point, I realized I hadn’t worn a t-shirt in a couple months … that was the start of it, collecting Polo ponies.”

And now we know.

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