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UCLA Campus Protests Over Gaza War Erupt into Violent Clashes Between Rival Groups [Video]

Chaos erupted at UCLA overnight between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters at an encampment on campus.

Dozens of counter-protestors, many wearing white masks and flags over their shoulders, arrived around 10:45 p.m. and attempted to dismantle the pro-Palestinian encampment that has overtaken Royce Quad since last Thursday. The agitators lobbed fireworks at the encampment and set off what may have been bear or pepper spray.

Demonstrators on the pro-Palestinian side used umbrellas to shield themselves, and skirmishes broke throughout the night out as counter-protesters attempted to wrestle away wood pallets, plywood and metal fencing from the encampment.

UCLA campus police along with medical personnel showed up briefly before retreating, KTLA’s John Fenoglio reported. The Los Angeles Police Department had not responded as of 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A representative for Gov. Gavin Newsom posted on X, formerly Twitter, that law enforcement leaders were in contact and resources were being “mobilized.”

Aerial footage from Sky5 captured the chaotic scene, including countless clashes between protesters. The number of people injured and the severity of the injuries were unclear.

The encampment, populated by protesters demanding UCLA divest all interests in Israel and an immediate halt to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, now occupies portions of the steps and sidewalks of Powell Library and Royce Hall.

At times, dueling demonstrations have become heated, however Tuesday night’s clash marked the largest escalation to-date.

via: KTLA

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