She Had Enough! Anthony Scaramucci's Wife Filed for Divorce While She was Nine Months Pregnant

Anthony Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Ball, was nine months pregnant when she filed for divorce from her President Trump-obsessed husband earlier this month.

Deidre just gave birth her and Anthony’s little one, James Scaramucci, on Monday.

via NYDN:

Her lawyer Jill Stone confirmed the news in a Saturday interview in which she shot down reports that the split was due to her husband’s naked political ambition and infatuation with Trump.

“Whoever decided to state that that was the cause, that has nothing to do with her filing for divorce,” said Stone.

The lawyer declined to disclose the reason.

“It’s a private matter,” Stone said. “She’s focusing on the children. She really doesn’t have a comment at this time.

“She’s not going to turn this into a circus,” the lawyer added.

Stone said she didn’t know if Scaramucci had met the baby yet. The couple also has a 3-year-old son, and Scaramucci has three kids from his first marriage.

The breakdown of The Mooch’s second marriage spilled out into the public on Friday, capping a tortured and turbulent week for the ex-Wall Street titan.

In a profanity-laced tirade to a New Yorker reporter on Wednesday night, Scaramucci called Priebus a “f—ing paranoid schizophrenic” who tried to “c—block” him from a White House post.

Scaramucci, 53, also accused Priebus of committing a felony by leaking his financial information, which was a public record.

Still, Scaramucci’s matrimonial lawyer said his client keeps a level head when it comes to divorce.

“He was always calm and rational in the handling of his first divorce, which is perhaps the most sensitive, personal matter an individual can endure,” said Leonard Sperber, who represented Scaramucci in his 2011 divorce from his first wife.

Sperber described Scaramucci as having “incredible knowledge of policy, history and economics, amongst other topics.”

“His memory is remarkable and, in my opinion, he has a photographic or near-photographic memory,” said Sperber, who declined to say if Scaramucci had retained his services again.

The Long Island attorney provided the statement after getting authorization to give a comment. However, he said the statement wasn’t written by anyone but him.

“I want to assure you that these are my thoughts and were drafted by me alone,” Sperber said.

Scaramucci hasn’t publicly commented on the state of his marriage, but he appeared to address the reports in a message on Twitter late Friday.

“Leave civilians out of this,” he wrote in a tweet. “I can take the hits, but I would ask that you would put my family in your thoughts and prayers & nothing more.”

He followed up with a Tweet early Saturday — again imploring the press to stay out of his personal life.

“Family does not need to be drawn into this,” he wrote. “Soon we will learn who in the media has class and who doesn’t. No further comments on this.”

Good call, Deidre — get out while you still can!

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