Eddie Murphy Returns to 'SNL' For the First Time in Over 30 Years, Brings Back Classic Characters [Video]

Eddie Murphy hit the ‘Saturday Night Live’ soundstage for the first time in over 30 years.

As many expected, Eddie revived several of the classic characters he created during his stint as an SNL cast member.

via Complex:

Murphy started off by reviving Mr. Robinson, his classic Mr. Rogers spoof. Given the recent attention surrounding Fred Rogers, it seemed like a layup for Murphy to bring back his spin on the television personality. The sketch focused on the concept of gentrification. This led to hilarious jokes about stealing Amazon mail packages from his new, white neighbors amid rising property values. Check it out below. 

Although Murphy chose to take a modern approach, he proved that these characters can be as raw and funny as they were in the ’80s despite today’s “cancel culture.” He did so by using Velvet Jones to show the similarities between today and the past. As a contestant on Black Jeopardy, Jones redirected every question to promote his series of self-help books aimed at convincing women to be “hos.” Kenan Thompson’s game show host tries to tell Jones that in this day and age, it is insensitive to shame sex workers. Just when it seemed like Jones understood this concept, he introduced his book aimed at “Instagram hos.” 

Even Buckwheat made his return via The Masked Singer.

Of all the characters Murphy brought back, the highlight came from his Weekend Update cameo as Gumby. The character was upset that SNL and Murphy did not create a sketch centered around him. He felt like this was disrespectful as he “made” Murphy a star and “saved” the show. Gumby made his point while hurling insults at Michael Che and Colin Jost.

“You know why you why you two are behind this desk?” Gumby asks. “Because your jokes don’t have legs, you schmucks.”

Check out several clips from the night below.

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