Dwyane Wade Trolls Faizon Love over Gabrielle Union Hookup Claims [Video]

During an appearance on Kwame Brown’s podcast, Faizon Love claimed that years ago, he made out with actress Gabrielle Union inside of a nightclub.

via: New York Post

While discussing his career highlights, the comedian, 53, revealed that he allegedly shared a hot and heavy makeout session with Union, 48, one night in a club.

“Watch this, Gabrielle Union and I had a nice kiss in a club,” Faizon claimed to Brown, adding that NBA All-Star Vince Carter was apparently his witness. “Ask Vince Carter about that night! Ask him ’bout that night! Everybody know about the infamous Faizon-Gabby tongue down…She was dating me that night. She was with Vince, they were going out or something. I don’t know, we was gettin’ drunk and it was an infamous night. Gabby my n—a, too, so… That’s the only girl really in Hollywood. Most actresses are weird, you know what I’m sayin’? They weird as f–k. I like regular ass chicks.”

Kwame didn’t miss a beat, responding “Alright now, D Wade gon’ whoop ya ass.”

Thankfully 39-year-old Wade, who shares four children with Union, knows how to laugh things off.

Although Union was not dating her now-husband at the time of this alleged tryst, the three-time NBA champion decided to poke fun at his wife. Unleashing “petty levels” unmatched on Instagram, Wade posted a video on the social media platform featuring a hilarious montage of Union and Love in a series of romantic poses, while the song “If I Ever Fall In Love” by Shai played in the background.

“What almost was,” Wade captioned the post, which also featured an infamous scene from the film “Boomerang” between Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry. “@faizonlove thank you for this forever material I now have on my wife! #Wetsloppykisses #pettylevels.”

Union seemingly denied the whole debacle in a since-deleted tweet writing, “Now you know damn well,” accompanied by numerous skull emojis. The video, which now has over 665,000 views, received comments from thousands of fans, but the funniest has to be from Wade’s oldest child, Zaire Wade, who wrote, “Somebody tell me what’s going on.”

DWade doesn’t have much to worry about these days, living out his dreams and recently buying an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz. The retired NBA star has been making big moves in his post-playing career and he’s not worried about Faizon Love stealing his wife.

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