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Dunkin’ Customer Files Lawsuit, Claims Toilet Explosion Caused ‘Severe’ and ‘Long-Term Injuries’

A Florida man is suing an Orlando Dunkin’ location after allegedly being injured by an exploding toilet in the franchise’s restroom.

via Complex:

According to Associated Press, Paul Kerouac seeks more than $100,000 for suffering from “severe and long term injuries,” reads a lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Orlando. Kerouac claims that while visiting a Dunkin’ location in Winter Park, Florida last year, he was in the restroom when faced with a toilet explosion.

Upon leaving the restroom, Kerouac was covered in feces, urine and debris, and requested help from Dunkin’ employees, and the store’s manager. The man was told by an employee that they were aware of a “problem with the toilet” due to previous incidents but didn’t provide him with further information about the explosion. The lawsuit states that Kerouac endured “bodily injury,” with the man having to seek “mental health care and counseling as a result of the trauma experienced” since Jan. 2022.

In a statement, Kerouac’s lawyer, Scott Spradley, said that his client “continues to suffer” with mental and emotional instability from the “shocking, nightmarish scenario,” including “PTSD-like symptoms.”

“We are hopeful that the lawsuit will result in Mr. Kerouac being justly compensated for his injuries, even though the imagery will never be forgotten,” Spradley wrote.

$100,000 doesn’t sound like nearly enough. He should sue for more.

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