Dennis Rodman Shocks Fans as He Gets Huge Portrait Tattoo of His Girlfriend's Face Inked on His Cheek

Dennis Rodman turned to tattoo pro Van Johnson to ink a huge design of his girlfriend on his cheek.

via: Daily Mail

The 62-year-old retired athlete – who recently responded to online critics – tattooed a portrait of his lady love’s face on his cheek.

Taking to Instagram this week, tattoo artist Van Johnson, star of the reality series Black Ink Crew Chicago, shared video footage of the fresh ink.

He captioned the clip, ‘So I ain’t do too much today, cooled out at my townhome tattooed a living legend’s face of his woman on his face, that’s about it…. What y’all do?’

The snippet showed the former Chicago Bulls NBA player with bleached hair and Christian Dior sunglasses on his face as he showed off his latest tat.

His girlfriend, whose name wasn’t mentioned, expressed delight as she squealed with joy in the short clip.

Many fans took to the comments to express dismay at the sight, with one person writing, ‘You should have tried to talk him outta that my G.’

Someone else added, ‘Great tattoo; concerned about Dennis, though.’

It comes after Rodman hit back at trolls who slammed him for wearing a skirt to a Pride event in Houston last month.

Dennis, who is known for his rule-breaking, gender-fluid style and for being a LGBTQ+ ally, wore a tiny green plaid skirt and a shirt with a graphic print of his face in rainbow colors.

Elsewhere on the black T-shirt was the phrase ‘Live and Love,’ which he wore proudly as he greeted fans at the event.

The star – who once wore a wedding dress to marry himself in 1996 – happily posed for photos with admirers – but faced a torrent of vitriolic comments as he shared a post from the affair.

The post was captioned: ‘Love will Always Win, Happy Pride #gaypride #loveislove #pridemonth.’

Clapping back at the backlash, the star shared a post showing his daring outfits throughout the years and wrote: ‘Do your research guys #beenhim.’

Fans also jumped to his defense in the comments, with one writing: ‘Some of yall are too young to remember when this man literally MARRIED himself in full makeup and a wedding dress lol.’

Another typed: ‘Imagine following Dennis Rodman and being homophobic’ while one fan wrote: ‘Literally don’t understand how you hating on rodman for this. Like why you even following rodman and this comes as a surprise ? He was doing this 20 years ago.’

Another typed: ‘Dude wore wedding dresses and nba fans are surprised he’s an ally.’

In his autobiography I Should Be Dead By Now, Rodman shared stories of his personal life, including how sex became a ‘job’ – such was the frequency with which he was sleeping with different women.

Nicknamed ‘The Worm,’ Rodman explained: ‘At that point in my life, I was having sex with a lot of different women. So many that, sometimes, it became a job.’

Meeting model Carmen Electra, though, briefly changed everything. The pair had a whirlwind relationship, and were even married for a short time, before getting divorced in 1999.

‘With Carmen it was different. It was nice to be with someone waiting for the right time, right place, right time,’ Rodman penned.

Revealing the details of one specific date, he dished: ‘We went to eat sushi, we came home, we lay on the bed and we looked at each other and we talked, we talked, we talked.’

‘She was there four or five days, sleeping in my house, in my bed, and we never made love. It was something unreal,’ he marveled.

In an interview with Vice TV, he revealed the gruesome details of an injury he sustained while having sex on a boat.

‘It was in Dallas. My girlfriend at the time and I did everything,’ he said. ‘I ran and jumped on her and all of a sudden… Oh, blood everywhere. A white girl with blood everywhere. She yelled, “Oh my God, he’s dead, he’s dead! I’ve killed him!”

‘I said, “No, honey, I just broke my penis.'”

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