Comedian Gary Owen’s Wife Files for Divorce [Photo + Video]

Actor and comedian Gary Owen and wife Kenya Duke are getting divorce after 18 years of marriage.

According to online records, Kenya filed a divorce document on Friday at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Gary and Kenya were married back in 2003 and shared their love story with BET, on “The Gary Owen Show.”

Gary often talked about Kenya in his stand-up routine.

The couple shares three adult age children Kennedy, Emilio and Austin.

Just last month, Gary took to instagram to share a post about connections. While a post like this is normal for many Instagram users, Owen tends to keep it light and comical on his page. One could speculate he was aware of what was looming.

However just a week ago he was showing love to Kenya while promoting “The Gary Owen Show”

It is unknown what led to the division.

No official statement has been released by either party at this time.

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