Celina Powell Says Drake Changed His Phone Number After She Sent Him Monthly Nudes [Photo + Video]

Anytime Celina Powell’s name is in a headline, it’s never for anything positive. Usually, the infamous internet troll is claiming some famous rapper got her pregnant or accusing them of cheating.

via: HotNewHipHop

During a stint on the Plug Talk Podcast that was reportedly filmed last year, she and her former friend Aliza revealed that the “Knife Talk” recording artist allegedly changed his phone number due to them constantly blowing up his line. At one point, host Adam22 can be heard saying, “you guys SHOULD cop the house next door to Drake.”

Aliza then responds, “Drake changed his number ‘cuz of us! F*ck that,” while Powell chimes in, “we’re happy about that, I take credit for that!” The controversial figure admitted that she wasn’t so happy about being cut off by Drizzy, adding, “all I did was send [him] nudes like every month.”

While Drake and countless other stars are boycotting Powell for her antics, she’s still got a pretty hefty fan base. Prior to the release of the Plug Talk episode, Adam22 also announced that they’ve got more salacious content in store. “We are finally dropping the Celina Powell sex tape tomorrow on @plugtalkshow,” he shard via Twitter on November 29th.

If you subscribe to the Plug Talk OnlyFans page, you’ll be able to access the clip of Powell hooking up with a mystery man. While some speculated that it might be with her ex, DJ Akademiks, Adam quickly shut down those rumours. “No but while watching it I couldn’t help focusing on the tattoos of his name on her body,” he replied to a person pondering an appearance from Ak.

Why men continue to entertain that woman is beyond me. If you so choose, you can check out the full Plug Talk Podcast episode below.

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