Student to Face Terrorism, Murder Charges in Michigan School Shooting That Left 4 Dead [Video]

A 15-year-old Oxford High School sophomore, armed with a semiautomatic handgun, is accused of a shooting at his school Tuesday afternoon, killing three students and injuring seven others and a teacher.

via: USA Today

The 15-year-old student accused of opening fire on his classmates at a suburban Michigan high school, killing four and injuring seven others on Tuesday, will face a slew of criminal counts including charges of first degree murder and terrorism, Oakland County’s top prosecutor announced Wednesday.

Prosecutor Karen McDonald announced the charges and identified the teen as Oxford High School sophomore Ethan Crumbley, noting he would be charged as an adult. He will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon and could face life in prison.

The suspect is accused of opening fire at the school in Oxford Township, a suburb about 35 miles north of Detroit, firing what sheriff’s deputies now believe to be 30 bullets and attempting to breach classroom doors.

He will face one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, McDonald said.

Authorities say the teen used a handgun purchased by his father on Black Friday, just days before the attack. McDonald said her office was considering criminal charges against the suspect’s parents. She said responsible gun ownership was crucial to helping stop such tragedies and “those who do not do that should be — and will be — held accountable.”

McDonald went through the list of victims, including a fourth who died Wednesday: Tate Myre, 16; Hana St. Juliana, 14; Madisyn Baldwin, 17; and Justin Shilling, 17. McDonald noted she is a parent and would “treat this case like these are my own children.”

She said there was a “mountain of digital evidence,” including videos and social media posts that show the attack was planned “well before” Tuesday.

Authorities have said the suspect came to the school with a plan.

“He came out with the intent to kill people. He was shooting people at close range, oftentimes toward the head or chest,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard said on CNN early Wednesday. “It’s chilling. It’s just absolutely cold-hearted murderous.”

Students described a chaotic scene as a voice came over the intercom to announce an active shooter. Some didn’t know whether it was a drill. Teachers rushed to lock and barricade doors and cover windows. Students were in tears and texted loved ones.

Abbey Hodder, 15, a sophomore, was in chemistry class when she thought she heard glass breaking.

“My teacher kind of ran out and was scrambling,” she said, describing how she and her classmates followed their active shooter training. “The next thing I knew I saw he was pushing tables. It’s part of school protocol to barricade, so we all knew, barricade, barricade down. And we all started pushing tables.”

Sending prayers to the families of all the victims.

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