Cardi B Advises Chrisean Rock On Motherhood, Speaks On This Important Aspect [Video]

Cardi B offered some advice to new mommy Chrisean Rock after the reality TV starlet welcomed her son earlier this month.

via: HotNewHipHop

It’s always heartening to see mothers support each other on their journey, especially in the often toxic world of pop culture. Moreover, Cardi B recently offered some words of advice to new mom Chrisean Rock when TMZ caught up with her in New York City. During her remarks, the Bronx MC spoke on the importance of keeping yourself calm through alone time, even if those windows of solitude are small. Also, she spoke on postpartum depression, and advised the Baddies star to watch out for early signs of it. As an experienced mom of young kids herself, Bardi’s words as a celebrity mom ring with resonance.

Specifically, Cardi B told Chrisean Rock that these two aspects of alone time and sadness often go hand in hand. Even if the full-time mom schedule overwhelms you, she remarked, it’s crucial to take some time for yourself when you’re feeling down or particularly emotional. This can be hard enough when you’re famous; never mind being responsible for Chrisean Jr. (yes, that’s his name) around the clock. After the “Bongos” rapper looked out for Chrisean, she also spoke briefly on people hating on her and Megan Thee Stallion’s latest single.

Unfortunately for Chrisean Rock, it’s hard to separate these worlds of fame and family, as she became so viral because of the combination of the two. Her public and volatile relationship with Blueface, the child’s father, may be no more, but they’ve fought a lot over their son’s care, their bond, and everything else under the sun. However, that seemed to get much better recently when the California rapper actually stood by Chrisean’s parenting in a series of recent tweets. Sure, things could still flip around- and probably will- but at least we know that the respect is there.

“I trust Chrisean with my son,” he stated. “That’s it, nobody else. She’s actually very nurturing [and] caring, good with kids no doubt. [She’s] just a lil impatient [and] the baby NEEDS patience. Can’t just get up [and] go, ‘No more I’m being patient as hell.’ You don’t think I wanna get up [and] go rn? Timing not right.”

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