Caption This: Carmen Electra & Ex-Husband Dennis Rodman Come Face to Face [Photos]


Carmen Electra hasn’t been shy about her tumultuous marriage to ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman — so imagine her surprise when he showed up at a private Halloween party she was hosting.

Carmen was co-hosting “Fright Night” in Boca raton with Jonathan Cheban, and had no idea that Rodman was in attendance — he wasn’t even invited.

According to witnesses, as soon as she saw him she called extra security while she waited in her limo for them to arrive. As soon as she entered the party, Dennis came straight to her and reportedly asked her to marry him again. Sources say it was super awkward and she just laughed it off.

From the photo above, it doesn’t look like much laughing was going on.

What do you think was going through her head? Share your best captions!


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