Caitlyn Jenner Threatens Legal Action Against Son Brandon's Reality Show, Explains Why |

Caitlyn Jenner Threatens Legal Action Against Son Brandon’s Reality Show, Explains Why

Caitlyn Jenner threatened legal action against her own son Brandon‘s new reality show, prompting the show to remove her from an episode.

via JJ:

After Caitlyn learned that she would be featured in an upcoming episode of Brandon‘s new UnchainedTV series At Home With the Jenners, she called him to express her anger, according to TMZ.


Caitlyn is worried that if she’s featured on another network’s show, it will jeopardize her relationship with Fox News.

TMZ’s sources “say Caitlyn had no idea she was going to be part of Brandon‘s show whatsoever, and she wasn’t happy when she found out he was using her for promotions, let alone when she found out she was actually *in* a scene.”

Caitlyn‘s legal team threatened to take legal action against the show’s production company if they did not remove her from the show and the production company swiftly edited her out of episodes.

Caitlyn went on Twitter to speak out after the news went public.

“I have never been more excited working @FoxNews, reaching millions, especially in light of the presidential election and the summer Olympics right around the corner. Reality TV has been in the rearview mirror for a while now. I wish my son nothing but the best for his cooking show!” she said in the statement.

Someone replied saying that she “abandoned” her son. Caitlyn responded, “Abandoning? I never joined his show. I have been with Fox for years and plan to continue where my voice can be heard on sports, the Olympics, fairness in sport, the election, and a variety of other issues I am passionate about.”

Whatever, Caitlyn.

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