Jonathan Majors Relying On Faith After Guilty Verdict, 'God Is Good' [Video] |

Jonathan Majors Relying On Faith After Guilty Verdict, ‘God Is Good’ [Video]

The past year hasn’t been the easiest for Jonathan Majors but he’s holding on.

TMZ caught up with the actor, who is speaking out about his life after the guilty verdict, and before sentencing in the domestic violence case — and he says he’s staying positive and doing okay in the aftermath.

TMZ got the “Creed III” actor out Monday in West Hollywood, where despite the judgment blindsiding him, he told us he’s been relying on faith and prayer for some light amid this dark time … adding, “God is good.”

A focus on religion definitely seems to be doing him wonders .. Majors was grinning, happy, and relaxed during our interaction — though when pressed on matters regarding future work, he drew the line … telling us that was enough for now.

Work-related matters are clearly a sore subject for JM … he was booted from a series of projects following his guilty verdict, including all Marvel projects — which is, generally, a financial pinnacle for any actor, so we can only assume it was a bummer for him when they pulled the rug from under his feet.

Of course, it would be in bad taste for major Hollywood studios to be attached to Majors after his recent legal battles.

Remember … he was convicted on 2 of 4 counts after being accused of roughing up his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari — the charges included reckless assault and harassment … though he was acquitted of aggravated harassment and intentional assault.

Jonathan maintained his innocence earlier this month to ABC News in his first interview since the verdict … though, he expressed regret over how he handled things with his ex.

It remains to be seen if he’ll say that in front of the judge when he’s sentenced — that’s scheduled for Feb. 6, and he faces up to a year behind bars.

While he wasn’t down to talk about his professional future, Majors is potentially looking at a long road ahead to re-establish his acting career.

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