Caitlyn Jenner Poses for ‘Sports Illustrated’ with Her Olympic Gold Medal — Fully Clothed [Photo]


Caitlyn Jenner covers the latest issue of Sports Illustrated posing with her gold medal 40 years after she won the decathlon at the  1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

Early reports indicated that Caitlyn would be posing for the mag wearing nothing but the medal — but it looks like someone had a change of heart.

via SI:

“It’s a picture that brings attention to this issue,” Jenner told SI of why she posed with the medal 40 years after appearing as Bruce on the cover. “That’s the important thing. That’s why I wore the medal.”

Jenner, who keeps the medal in her nail drawer, revealed that she used to let her children take the medal to show and tell in school.

“You know what it’s good for? Show and tell. It was a big hit at show and tell with all the kids growing up,” said Jenner, 66.

In addition to the magazine cover story by Senior Writer Tim Layden, SI Films has premiered a 22-minute film online looking back at Jenner’s win and where she is now.

The full story and accompanying film can be found here.

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