Britney Spears Gets a Huge Pay Raise for Las Vegas Residency -- Brings Home $1 Million per Week


Britney Spears is cashing out in Las Vegas.

Following rumors of Jennifer Lopez’s planned residency, it’s been revealed that Britney Spears is now making as much money as Celine Dion for her Piece of Me residency.

Brit originally signed a contract for $310,000 per performance with 96 concerts over 2-years. However, Planet Hollywood’s ticket sales went through the roof and broke all kinds of records, so Britney’s team re-negotiated her contract and now she earns $475,000 a show.

Celine Dion barely edges her out, making $476,000 a show.

Not only did Britney get a pay raise, she also signed on for more shows — going from 96 to 140 shows. After you figure in money from merchandising and other backend negotiations, it’s being said that Britney Spears is taking home around $1,000,000 every week.

It’s Britney, bitch.

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