'Big Brother' Luke Valentine Blames N-Word Slip On Lack of Sleep and Food [Video]

The Big Brother contestant who was kicked off the reality show for using the N-word has spoken out, telling fans in an Instagram story on Sunday that he is “alive” and that “you gotta keep the flames stoked until next time.” However, at no point in the video did Luke Valentine offer an apology for using the racial slur during a live feed with other Big Brother contestants. Rather, he thanked his fans for their support and “kind words.” CBS said they removed Valentine from the show for violating the Big Brother “code of conduct.” “There is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur,” the network said in a statement, adding that the ordeal would be further addressed in an episode set to air this week.

Luke took to social media Wednesday night claiming it’s “pretty clear” he meant no harm when he used the racial slur around 3 houseguests, one of whom is Black.

Luke went on further to add, his slip came after a week of not eating and getting pretty crappy sleep — and he wants folks to know the ‘BB’ game can take a big toll on people.

Luke does say he regrets saying the n-word, but brushes off the whole thing in the same breath … adding, “What happened, happened” and laughingly says the whole incident felt like when he was running his mouth in middle school. He understands why they had to boot him from the house, but ultimately thinks production made the wrong decision.

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