Shy Glizzy Falls Victim To Death Hoax, His DJ Denies The Rumors

It appears as if Shy Glizzy is now the latest celebrity victim of a death hoax. Late last night (Aug. 16), rumors on social media began to swirl that the D.C. rapper was shot and killed with many pointing to a local blog as a source.

via: Rap-Up

The disarray and uncertainty caught many of his fans and followers off-guard, but it wasn’t long before the truth surfaced

This morning (Aug. 17), Glizzy’s official disc jockey, DJ Flow, took control of the narrative and addressed the false claim head-on. In an X post, he debunked the whispers while expressing his frustration. He wrote, “Shy Glizzy is alive. F**k is wrong with y’all.”

For those still in doubt, the DJ shared a text exchange with the “Dope Boy Magic” artist. Check it out below..

In regard to why the unsettling error occurred, an Instagram user seemingly clarified the situation. They pointed out what appeared to be a case of mistaken identity. “[Shy Glizzy] is alive, and the person shot tonight is conscious and breathing, and isn’t him!” the person emphasized.

Earlier this year, Glizzy made headlines after being accused of sexual misconduct by the woman who starred in his “White Girls” music video. During her appearance on “No Jumper,” model Sky Bri alleged that the rapper attempted to coerce her into taking an unknown substance.

“He was just the whole day trying to flirt with me or pull me to the side to talk to me,” Bri told host Adam22. “His personality that day was just weird. He was just being sketchy.”

She continued, “When it got dark out, he cornered me in the kitchen with his little posse and convinced me to do this pill. And I don’t know what the pill was. I said, ‘No’ a million times. Eventually, I was like, ‘Okay, whatever.’”

Glizzy later denied the claims on DJ Akademiks‘ “Off The Record” podcast. He said, “It’s not true. I don’t even know where a n**ga like that… I’ve been in this s**t too long. You ain’t never heard no s**t like that about me. I’m a player.”

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