August Alsina Allegedly Refuses Photo-Op With Transgender Woman During Paid Meet & Greet


A love muffin wrote in about an encounter with R&B newcomer August Alsina after he (and members of his team) allegedly denied her a photo-op because she’s a transgender woman.

You may not know who August is, but his single “I Luv This Shit” recently hit #1 on Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

The love muffins writes:

I went to a concert last night for August Alsina. Before the concert there was a VIP meet and greet which should have consisted of meeting August, receiving a poster, getting an autograph, and a picture.

Well, I am a transgender woman.

When it was my time to meet him and get my pictures I was refused with the comment “we not doing pictures with you“. Not wanting to cause a scene, I pulled my camera phone to take my own pictures.

Another guy literally snatched my phone out of my hand so that I was not able to take any pictures!

I didn’t get a poster or an autograph and he acted like he couldn’t even say hello to me.

Now first of all I paid my money just like everyone else. So it shouldn’t have mattered what “type” of person I am. You don’t treat people that way especially when they are trying to be supportive. I don’t really know how to get my complaint to the label so Im writing you on how the situation transpired. Do you have any advice of how to handle this?

Well, love muffin unfortunately I can’t stop people from being ignorant.

The only thing I can do is tell you to hold your head high and keep on living in your truth. Don’t support people who don’t support you, and that goes for both entertainers and friends.

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