Al B. Sure Hospitalized, Announces He’s Undergone Surgery [Photos]

New Jack Swing star Al B. Sure! is hospitalized and recovering after a successful surgery.

via: BET

According to multiple Instagram posts made by the New Jack Swing legend, he reveals that he’s on a “health and wellness journey” and is asking for everyone concerned to pray.

The first post made on the social media site arrived on Wednesday (June 1) and shows the 53-year-old lying on a hospital bed as a nurse draws several vials of blood, with a caption reading, “#albeez around the world. Just getting it right. Love & Light! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah.”

In subsequent posts, Al B. Sure! Announces he’s going in for surgery. One of them reads, in-part: “The #HealthandWellnes journey is almost complete and back #InEffectMode! Note, Al B! says please forgive the graphic nature of the image(s) for those with weak stomachs.”

It continues under a picture of him laying in a hospital bed being observed by medical staff: “His #TrueOnes #Family and #LoveOnes requested that we keep them abreast of his progress, so that we are doing with pleasure. He will share more with you directly from the horses mouth when he’s able to do so! #HellBeRightBack BETTER THAN EVER and ready to fight @celebrityboxing1 #InRecovery.”

In an update provided on Thursday, Al B. Sure! assured his fans that he made it through surgery and is doing fine. “We Started in #MtVernon Nah We Hea… The #OG Ambassador of the #MountVernonWolves made it through. ? Lives #LetsGetBacktoIT. I’m elated knowing who reached out and who couldn’t be bothered. My team is on top of it. You are forgiven but now you are forgotten. L??ve & Light #AlBSure #HarlemAmerican but #MtVernon4Life #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah.”

It isn’t immediately clear why the noted singer was hospitalized or had to have surgery. We’re just glad he seems to be doing well and is in good spirits.

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