AE Admits To Cheating On Amber Rose [Video]

There was a time when fans couldn’t get enough of the romance between Amber Rose and Alexander “AE” Edwards.

via: Power105.1

Yesterday Amber Rose took to the gram to vent about being tired of cheating on. Now Her man Alexander “AE” Edwards has admitted in an interview with Big Von to cheating on her with different women, and says this is not his first time getting caught.

He says that’s who he truly is, he acknowledges that he loves her, and that Amber is his best friend. When asked if he will going back home to work it out and letting go of his “12,” he says Amber texted him that if he “publicly apologized…” but he says doesn’t want to “keep doing this to his to her.”

AE said Amber should just be angry with him and mentioned that she has accused him of changing around his friends. Edwards also admitted to gaslighting Rose and being narcissitic when she asked him questions about his infidelities.

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