Yung Joc Reacts to Fan Choosing to Pick an Amazon Gift Card Over Him [Video]

On Monday (July 3), a video appeared on social media that saw a host representing 856 Entertainment asking various women if they would take a meeting with Yung Joc over a $50 Amazon gift card. As seen in the edited clip, the majority of those asked chose the latter.

via: HipHopDX

Every woman who was asked the question in the clip opted for the $50 gift card rather than the opportunity to hang out with Yung Joc. One woman even explained the potential benefits of the gift card over the latter option.

“The $50 because you know what I can get off of Amazon for $50?” she asked. “I can get a couple of things. Nice little mirror, nice little dresser.”

At the end of the video, one man bucked the trend by choosing a sit-down with the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, and even did the viral dance from his classic 2006 video, “It’s Goin’ Down.”

While the comments section was filled with tons of banter, Yung Joc commented on the video and elaborated in detail about his disdain for the question itself and the people who answered it.

“Y’all would have no choice cause I wouldn’t fuck with not one of them in the first place,” he wrote. “1. I’m happily married 2. That shit [cap emoji] 3. He never said have sex with me he just said 30 min with me and y’all would get at least $300 worth of food and shots if I did allow y’all in my immediate vicinity [crying laughing emojis].

“4. I ain’t never had a problem getting no woman lol 5. I would give y’all $100 Amazon gift card to stay the fvxk over there [red heart emoji].”

Yung Joc’s reaction was slightly more tame than that of Soulja Boy, who was subjected to the same humiliation of New Jersey folks choosing between $250 in food stamps and dinner with him in March.

The majority of the women in that video opted for the food stamps, with some even explaining their decision in brutally honest fashion.

“I’ma pick the food stamps only because Soulja Boy is a nobody. I can have dinner by myself,” one woman answered.

Another said: “Give me the food stamps. I can make chicken alfredo.”

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