Young Thug Denied Bond for Fifth Time as YSL Trial Continues

Young Thug has been awaiting trial on racketeering charges for over a year, but was once again denied bail today, making it the fifth time he was denied bond since being taken into custody on May 9, 2022.

via: Rolling Stone

Brian Steel, attorney for the rapper (real name Jeffrey Williams) argued that Williams has been working – his album Business Is Business was released earlier this month while he remained in jail. Steel talked about how Williams is “languishing” in a jail cell in Cobb County, near Atlanta. “Sleeping with bright lights all the time, if he can get to sleep, that is a form of torture which is not compatible with necessary restoration …

This lifestyle for the last 14-plus months has caused physical harm to Mr. Williams,” Steel said, citing kidney problems which has required hospitalization as the trial has wound on. It’s the rapper’s fifth time having his bond denied. Williams has roots in the community and his employment status are no bar to bond, Judge Ural Glanville said. But Williams poses a significant risk to intimidate or influence witnesses, he said, noting that prosecutors say Williams has been asked by others for permission to injure people.

As an example, Fulton County prosecutor Adriane Love said a potential witness called the police in a previous case to say that Williams had sent a message saying “snitch hoes get murked. Them and their kids.”

Young Thug initially faced state gang and racketeering charges with 28 other defendants. Only seven remain attached to the case after plea bargains and severances. Courtroom misconduct, pregnant attorneys and missing defendants – two remain on the run – whittled down the number who remain on trial in this courtroom. Jay Abt, attorney for Yak Gotti (real name Deamonte Kendrick) argued that his client has been attacked in Fulton County’s increasingly notorious jail, which is now under a federal civil rights investigation after numerous assaults and deaths over the last two years.

But prosecutors argued that Kendrick has also assaulted other inmates and remains a flight risk.

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