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‘Wild N’ Out’ Star Rip Micheals Says Wife Left Him Amid Heart Attack Recovery

Comedian Rip Micheals recovered from his near-fatal heart attack this past November but returned home to a cold bed.

via: The Shade Room

On Thursday, April 4, the official Instagram account for Angela Yee’s radio show ‘Way Up With Angela Yee’ shared a video clip from a recently-released episode featuring Rip Micheals.

In the clip, Micheals explained that during his hospitalization, he became “really close” with his daughter. The comedian went on to share that his wife left him while he was in the hospital.

“My wife left me while I was in the hospital too,” he explained. “…I guess when it says, ‘Til death do us part,’ she’s a go-getter. She don’t like to procrastinate. So she was out.”

Micheals explained that he and his wife were married for two years.

In response, Yee called the actions of Michaels’ former spouse “cold-blooded.”

“Yes, um I guess when it said I was in ICU, she said, ‘I’ll see you later,’” the comedian continued to joke. “So she was out of there.”

From there, the comedian explained that it was “hard to cope” with his wife’s departure. However, he learned a major lesson from the experience.

TMZ caught Rip out last month in NYC, and he had nothing but hilariously morbid jokes for his congestive heart failure condition.

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