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Porsha Williams’ Ex Simon Denies Fleeing to Dubai, Demands Sanctions Against ‘RHOA’ Over ‘Inflammatory’ Claim in Divorce

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s divorce continues to be a rollercoaster.

via: Radar Online

Williams’ estranged husband Guobadia fired back against the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s claim he fled the county amid their divorce battle.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Guobadia scoffed at Williams’ allegation in court.

As part of her motion for exclusive access to their marital home, Porsha’s lawyer wrote, “Wife further shows that Husband appears to have fled the country to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it is unknown when or whether he intends to return.”

As we previously reported, Porsha filed for divorce from Simon after 15 months of marriage in February. She explained she pulled the trigger after learning shocking allegations about her husband.

Her lawyer said, “Wife shows that the news reports of Husband’s alleged immigration fraud, and what appeared to be an imminent threat of deportation, were shocking and affected Wife’s mental and emotional wellbeing. None of this information was ever disclosed by Husband to Wife, despite Wife having previously inquired about Husband’s immigration status and criminal history.”

Porsha’s filing explained, “Since learning of Husband’s checkered immigration history and status, Wife began to question everything that she initially believed to be true as it relates to her Husband’s character, immigration, business dealings, etc, and began to uncover additional information that Husband failed to disclose to Wife.”

Her lawyer added, “[Porsha] did not wish to remain married to a stranger, and filed for divorce.”

The court battle turned ugly quickly. Simon recently demanded exclusive use of their home and a restraining order against Porsha.

Porsha accused Simon of changing the locks on her and attempting to block her from the home.

In his recent motion, Simon fired back at the allegations he fled.

He said, “Wife continues to falsely state in her filings with the Court that the Husband is fleeing the country.”

Simon told the court his trip to Dubai “has been for work.”

“Wife has traveled with Husband over 30 times, including to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is very aware of Husband’s travels overseas and business endeavors. For Wife to continue to make such allegations of “fleeing the country” is not only untrue and highly inflammatory, but a violation of this Court’s February 22, 2024 Automatic Domestic Standing Order that prohibits Wife from doing any act injuring, maltreating, vilifying, threatening, molesting, or harassing the adverse party.”:

He asked that Porsha be sanctioned for “intentionally filing court documents under oath that are not true and consequently constitute perjury.”

Simon asked that Porsha be held in contempt for her statements. A judge has yet to rule.

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