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Flavor Flav Denies Being Involved In ‘Flavor Of Love’ Reboot

It’s not for the love of Flav.

via: Vibe

On Tuesday (April 2), Julie Pizzi, president of Bunim/Murray told Deadline, “We’re in the process of working with Flavor Flav to reimagine what Flavor of Love can feel like in this in this decade, which is very different.”

However, Flav responded to VIBE via Twitter later that day, denouncing that statement. “THIS IS NOT TRUE. I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH ANY REBOOT AND HAVE NO INTEREST,” he tweeted.

In a more formal statement the following day, the Public Enemy hype man clarified that he has “partnered with a new production company and together we are developing concepts that highlight where I am now as a person versus where I was.”

Flav reiterated that he is not involved with any Flavor Of Love reboot and has no interest in it.

He concluded his statement with this: “You can’t get to the next chapter by staying on the same page. This clock round my neck is moving forward, not backwards.”

Flav’s manager, Rhiannon Rae Ellis, also issued a statement claiming that he and Pizzi never spoke.

“Flavor Flav has never spoken with Julie Pizzi and is not familiar with her name. Flav has personally reached out to 51 Minds and asked them to have the article taken down and his team has reached out to the reporter at ‘Deadline’ to make him aware of the inaccuracies,” she explained, according to Baller Alert.

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