Why We Love: 'Revenge', 'Dancing With The Stars', and 'The Voice' [Photos + Video]


With only two more episodes left for this season of Revenge, we’re here to tell you why we absolutely love the show, as well as why we can’t get enough of Dancing With The Stars and The Voice. (And if you’re behind on any of them, now’s a great time to catch up on Hulu before their finales air!)



Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke is ALWAYS one step ahead.

No matter what happens in Emily Thorne’s world on Revenge, she always seems to have everything figured out. Not only does she already have her next move in mind, she knows exactly how her opponents are going to react — and she’s ready.

Nolan Ross could probably rule the world from his iPhone.

Seriously, Nolan Ross and his phone can do more in 10 minutes than we could with an entire fleet of Silicon Valley employees in an hour. (Know what else he could be doing on his phone if he were a Hulu Plus subscriber? Stream Revenge on his cell!) We wait each week to see what masterful tech feat he’ll arm Emily with.

We still aren’t sure whether we hate Victoria Grayson or secretly want to be her.

This doesn’t need an explanation. Victoria Grayson is/was our favorite character. Even when we want Emily to enact her revenge, we wanted Victoria to somehow come out on top but we guess that doesn’t matter now that she’s dead. Leave it to Victoria to make such a grand exit!

The cast is incredibly attractive.

We’re not sure what’s in the drinking water over there in The Hamptons, but the show is home to some of the hottest characters on primetime television.

Daniel Grayson (R.I.P.)


Jack Porter


Victoria Grayson


Margeaux LeMarchal


Charlotte Grayson


Seriously, they make The Hamptons look like a Vanity Fair after party.

Dancing With The Stars


Let’s get one thing clear, the main reason we’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars this season (aside from the phenomenal dancing) is the one and only Patti LaBelle. We knew she could sing, but who knew she could move like she does (especially at 70 years old)? Check out this clip from Patti’s last dance:

Now that Patti’s been eliminated, were rooting for Rumer Willis and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, to take home the trophy.

The Voice


In seven seasons of The Voice, we’ve seen Blake Shelton and Adam Levine battle it out for the championship, and a few judges come and go — such as Usher, Gwen Stefani, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera. In this eighth season, Christina is back with the boys and Pharrell Williams is along for the ride — which we love! This coaching combination of Blake, Adam, Christina, and Pharrell is perfect!

The Voice is home to some of the most incredible vocalists we’ve ever heard. Each season the talent pool gets greater and greater. We have a new favorite singer each episode! Check out our favorite performance from Kimberly Nichole as she takes on “House of the Rising Sun”

We have a feeling Team Christina might win this one. Need proof? Just re-watch all of the performances on Hulu!

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