Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Slam Men ‘Pissed’ by Taylor Swift’s NFL Presence [Video] | lovebscott.com

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar joined the ranks of celebs defending Taylor Swift from online critics who are “outraged” over her brief features on the big screen at Kansas City Chiefs games.

via: Page Six

“What are you so pissed about?” Goldberg said on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” of men being outraged over Swift in the stands during games. “Why are you so mad? There is so, so many things to be angry at in this world. Why are these men toxically masculine?”

Goldberg’s co-host Sara Haines chimed in and theorized that the NFL had previously been a “no girls allowed” space, and Swift doesn’t “fit these traditional roles.”

“Here comes Taylor Swift. She has more money; therefore, more power. She’s more famous, and she’s coming in to see her boyfriend in his home,” Haines said.

She added that the Grammy winner’s “appearance” in a non-traditional role is “very uncomfortable for some people.”

Meanwhile, Behar, 81, initially empathized with some of these men, for whom “things have not gone their way” with the rise of feminism, but she clarified that this group of people should also see a therapist.

“These guys need some therapy,” Behar said. “Go get a shrink! I mean, they don’t consider it masculine to be in therapy. It is not about masculine [or] feminine, it is about your brain, and so they need some help, and that’s why I feel sorry for them.”

Sunny Hostin further called the people who get upset over Swift attending football games a “weirdo group.”

“If they show her for 25 seconds enjoying and supporting her partner, I don’t know what’s wrong with that,” Hostin, 55, added.

The “Blank Space” songstress, 34, has been in the headlines even more than usual over the last few months ever since she began cheering on Kelce, also 34, at his Kansas City Chiefs games.

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