King Harris Wants Credit For Making 'Standing On Business' Viral After Fight With Parents [Video] |

King Harris Wants Credit For Making ‘Standing On Business’ Viral After Fight With Parents [Video]

Last fall T.I. and son King Harris went viral after being caught tussling on video.

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King wants to take credit for making “Standing on Business” viral. After Druski filmed a music video for his new song titled “Standin on Bihness”, the 19-year-old claimed he made the term popular following his altercation with his parents several months ago.

“I ain’t created. But I’m the one that got everybody saying it,” King said in a video posted on social media on Wednesday, January 31. “You hear me? I ain’t created. I’ll be alive. I say I created it. That s**t’s been on – that s**t’s been on you know years and years.”

The teen insisted, “But when you ask who got the news saying it. Who got ESPN saying it. Who got football players saying it. Who got kids saying it. Who got everybody saying it. It’s me.” He alluded to his fight with his father T.I. and mother Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle back in November 2023 as saying, “Sadly man when me and my mys had an altercation man. That’s when everybody came out standing on business. If we didn’t going to be 100% about it that’s when everybody came out with that standing on business.”

“When it come the news talking about standing on business, that’s me,” he continued. “When they talk about why they can’t say standing on business in class, that’s me. All this no stand up. That’s me. That’s me. Because when Druski was saying that all this ain’t happen.” He further stated, “I’m just being real,” before adding, “I’m about to go pull up on Druski funny. Come on. Funny.”

King made the remark following an argument with his father T.I. last fall at an NFL game. During the fight that he livestreamed, the aspiring rapper got confronted by his famous father for threatening to spill his family’s secrets.

Following the fight, he took to his Instagram Story to address the matter. “I stand on BUSINESS. DON’T GIVE A F**K WHO U ARE,” he posted back then, along with an obscured photo from behind a car wheel. He added in a separate Story, “IDGAF u are MF can’t play wit me n my face not goin for da Im a grown a** man now [sic].”

Not stopping there, King continued his rant, “If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u DONT.” He went on claiming, “N***a be faking a image for da internet &. It AINT Me.”

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