Wendy Williams Reportedly Does Not Approve of Sherri Shepherd Taking Over Her Show, Leah Remini Allegedly Upset Sherri Got the Offer Behind Her Back

Wendy Williams is reportedly icing her show producers out now that she knows Sherri Shepherd is close to finalizing a deal to take over ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’

via Radar Online:

Those involved with the ins and outs of the show have tried to call and email the host, but have allegedly been met with zero response.

Wendy’s silence speaks volumes, and those in charge are deciding to proceed with Shepherd as a “permanent guest host” without the approval or blessing of the now-former talk show personality.

Shepherd has received glowing reviews during her time as a temporary fill-in for Wendy and producers are hoping to run with it.

A source told The Sun, “Sherri does not have Wendy’s blessing and all of this is all being done without her involvement.”

Another insider claims the talk show host is “is extremely jealous and can’t stand people filling in for her as it is. It has really hurt her seeing her own fans give Sherri glowing reviews in her absence.”

“Production is being very cautious not to upset Wendy’s extremely loyal fan base, so they are calling Sherri, 54, a ‘permanent guest host’- but basically it is now Sherri’s show,” the insider stated, adding that production staff has already started changing the logos and names on the set.

Wendy isn’t the only one furious over the replacement though. Leah Remini was also kept in the dark about Shepherd’s promotion on the program.

“Leah assumed this was her gig if she wanted it. She hasn’t been filling in for Wendy for her own health, she has been auditioning to get her own show and is pissed that Sherri has been offered the job behind her back,” sources told Radar.

Since Wendy’s months-long absence several guest hosts took over, but The View alum was able to stand out above them all. Shepherd has a lot of work ahead of her trying to hold together Wendy’s loyal fanbase; however, almost everyone — minus Remini and Wendy herself — is in her corner hoping she pulls it off.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out — especially with reports of Wendy suffering from dementia and the banks holding her money pending an investigation.

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