Wendy Williams Refuses To Get COVID-19 Vaccine [Video]

Wendy Williams is back in the news. In a recent interview with Dr. OZ, Wendy Williams was asked if she was going to take the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Wendy Williams she very rarely gets colds, she doesn’t take the Flu-Shot and to be honest Wendy say’s she just doesn’t trust it.

via: AceShowbiz

Wendy Williams has made her stance on the COVID-19 vaccine clear. The outspoken TV personality has declared that she isn’t going to get the shot to enhance her immune system to the virus despite the concerning pandemic that has been plaguing America.

The 56-year-old recently spoke with Dr. Mehmet Oz about her her health scare when she collapsed on air. During the virtual interview, “The Dr. Oz Show” host asked Wendy if she plans on getting the COVID vaccine, to which she quickly answered, “No. I don’t trust it.”

“I’ve never gotten flu shot either, though. And you and I have talked about that,” the 56-year-old said, insisting that she rarely gets sick. She further affirmed her stance on the vaccine as repeating, “No, I don’t trust it. There I said it.”

Dr. Oz, however, had to disagree with her. Informing that he already got his COVID jab, the doctor stressed that the vaccine has been tested and assured that it’s safe, before telling Wendy that she should get it.

Wendy’s statement on the COVID vaccine was met with mixed response. Seemingly challenging her claim that she rarely gets sick, one person noted, “She literally fainted on TV… but I guess it’s her choice.” Another took a jab at her alleged drug use, “Snort coke, but can’t get the vaccine?! Oh okay…”

Some others, however, sided with Wendy, with one person declaring, “I 100% agree.” Another commented, “This the one time i must agree with Pendy.” Someone else weighed in, “Yesss auntie f**kk that vaccine.”

Sharing the same opinion with Wendy, one person exclaimed, “Period!!!! We don’t trust it !!” Another remarked, “If you want to take it take it. If you don’t want to take it don’t. Stop telling ppl how to feel and accept that ppl don’t have to view things the same as you.”

No offense but the last person people should be taking medical advice from is Wendy Williams.

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